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Tank Container Investment Specialists - Providing Management Excellence and Unique Investor Tank Solutions
Providing Management Excellence and Unique Investor Tank Solutions

Thanks for visiting us. We trust that you will find this site informative and useful in assisting you in your investment decisions. We thought it would be useful to provide you with a bit of an overview and a summary of what you can achieve with our uniquely structured product.

Some Corporate Background

Premier Tank Solutions (PTS) - formerly named Paynter Trade Services - is a specialist tank container investment management company, based in South Africa. We operate with the specific approval of the South African Reserve Bank, which authorises us to sell tank containers to South African and international investor clients, to lease these tanks overseas for foreign trade and to manage the offshore investment in every respect on behalf of our clients. The Company has operated its investment business since 1993 and, through steady growth of its investor client base and overseas lessee base, has managed almost 800 tank containers.

The management team have ensured that we have the necessary skills and experience to handle the various and complex aspects of this business, such as business management, tax planning, foreign exchange, exchange controls, asset financing, tank container industry know-how, technical knowledge, banking and systems integration.

Our Company motto is "To Provide Management Excellence and Unique Investor Tank Solutions" and is backed up by a long track record of and commitment to integrity, reliability, quality, safety and accuracy in every aspect of our operation, with the result that our clients receive a service unequalled in the South African tank container investment industry.

The Management Team

James Paynter

James, who has a mechanical engineering background, was born in Johannesburg in 1967 and was schooled in Port Elizabeth, where he obtained Academic Honours for 2 years, matriculating in 1985 with a University Exemption.

Following matric, James qualified as a Press Toolmaker at Volkswagen SA in 1989 (being awarded Toolmaker of the Year in 1986), and then spent some years in the motor manufacturer's Product Engineering Design & Drawing Office, where he became one of the first VW employees to become proficient in the use of the automotive/aerospace CAD package CATIA and was responsible for the layouts for various facelifts of the local VW/Audi ranges.  During this time he obtained his Mechanical Engineering National Diploma, through correspondence, with distinctions in all subjects.  In September 1988, he became a shareholder and director of PTS. 

In 1992, he left to join PTS where he gained considerable experience in business management and financial analysis. In 1993, he was jointly responsible in the development and launch of the tank container investment management operation, and assisted in development of the business plan and structuring, to planning and implementation of both accounting and operational systems.  In addition, James was responsible for the development of our complex financial modelling programs, used for structuring, analysis and marketing of tank container investment and leasing opportunities.   His artistic flair has also been a valued element in his ability to oversee the preparation of the Company’s marketing material.

As Technical Director, he is responsible for all technical aspects of business involving liaison with overseas lessee clients and local manufacturers regarding tank container specification, production, quality control, inspection, delivery and maintenance.  In 1999, he attended the New Alchemy Course for Transport of Dangerous Goods in Tank Containers along with representatives from all the South African tank container manufacturers.

In addition, he assumed responsibility for the exchange control and foreign currency exchange aspect of the business, and this led to a fascination in market analysis, foreign exchange and global economics.  In 2005 he qualified as a Certified Elliottician market analyst, which led to the launching of the Group’s separate market forecasting business, under the name Dynamic Outcomes, in recognition of the importance of this aspect of the tank investment to investors and ourselves wherein he generates the data for daily forecasts and analysis on various financial markets, especially the Rand.

He also participated in the preparation of the detailed research into the Rand and its future, undertaken by the Company, resulting in the formulated document “The Rand Exposé – the Fundamental Truth”, which is updated quarterly to maintain the currency of the economic analysis and the near and long-term forward rate forecasts of the Rand.

James is married with two children – a son and daughter.


David Paynter

David, who has an electronics and IT background, was born in Johannesburg in 1969 but was schooled in Port Elizabeth, where he was as one of the few pupils to be offered Computer Science as a seventh school subject for four years through to Matric. Subject prizes for the other four content subjects on Higher Grade and Academic Honours for the last 3 years, culminated in a Matric ‘B’ aggregate with University Exemption in 1986.

Post matric, David qualified as an Electronics Mechanician at Volkswagen SA in 1990, which was followed by a period in the highly-automated Paintshop and Final Assembly Hall electronic maintenance department. This involved training and experience on Programmable Logic Devices (PLCs) including involvement with programming and commissioning of new plant equipment projects. This practical experience was accompanied by largely self-taught academic training on the Technical College ‘N-courses’, which he took through to N5 with a distinction in Maths.

He left VW to join PTS in 1992, bringing his experience of process-automation, programming and computers to the fledgling business. The onerous responsibility of setting up and maintaining all the company’s systems was his from inception of the tank container investment management operation in 1993, with the initial overall goal of a permanent staff limited to the four family directors only. 

Initially he oversaw the outsourcing of the design and implementation of a customized database on a completely new computer network using the latest available software. After a patchwork of consultants’ programming efforts allowed basic functionality for the business, he gained enough experience to dispose of these consultants and re-develop the company’s highly sophisticated and integrated database management system.

As Systems Director, he assumes full responsibility for the complete ITC systems, which includes full network design and implementation, hardware specification, acquisition and commissioning, software specification, architecture, programming and commissioning, as well as maintenance and user support for everything.

The overall goal has been the automating of processes to the highest level possible, often using cutting edge technology in order to maximize corporate efficiencies. In this respect, PTS was one of the forerunners in South Africa that assisted two major banks in developing batch-loading functionality to enable PTS to pay its investors electronically in both Rands and Dollars.

The customized database that has been developed by him runs most core business processes based on a Access 2010 database with embedded Crystal Reports reportwriter producing billings, payment batches, automated emails, imported bank statements, automated bank statement reconciliation and generation of accounting batches for import to the multicurrency Accpac accounting system.

The 2010 year has seen him rollout a complete new Dell system with enterprise-class hardware running MS Windows Small Business Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, supporting new Dell laptops running Windows 7 and Office 2010 Professional.

David is married with two children.


What Value Can We Provide You?

Unlike other investment managers, we have always offered a value-added and unique niche-market investment, one in which traditional variables and unknowns have been removed, where possible. The services we can offer can be summarised as follows:

Investment With the PTS structure - the ultimate Rand hedge - you are able to invest Rands and earn Dollars (which can be retained offshore), and have the comfort of a known income for a known period, minimal and known costs, and where possible, known options at the end of the investment period.

Leasing Through PTS lease structure, our lessee clients (users/operators or tank container leasing companies) are able to acquire tank container equipment, built to their specification, with flexible lease and lease purchase options.

Product Here you will find details about tank containers such as standard specification, tank types, products carried, comparisons between tank containers and alternative forms of liquid transport, useful for both investors and lessees.

Useful Information

Available now! We have initiated our own extensive research on the Rand, looking at various aspects in depth. As a start, get the latest update - free

Click here now to get your copy of "The Rand - a Fundamental View"

where you will also find real-time exchange rate graphs, currency converters,
economic calendars and access to Daily Rand Forecasts

Watch this space! Our limited client access area allows you, as an investor client, to view your investment documentation online, and additional useful information is planned for this area like tax tables, interest rates, etc

We also intend providing you with access to some other useful info for operating of tank containers, conversions, etc.

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