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Flexible Lease Solutions to Fulfill Your Tank Container Requirements.

The tank container industry operates internationally and is a growing and stable one, with approximately 325,000 units in use, forecast to grow by about 8% per annum.

Well-established tank container operators and leasing companies, based primarily in the UK, Europe and USA, are PTS's target market for the leasing of investor tank containers.

PTS offers its lessees the following unique benefits:

  • Tank containers built to your exact specification

  • Ability for you to acquire tank containers on flexible term lease or lease purchase arrangements

  • Lease or lease purchase terms are exceptionally flexible and are negotiated with you before tank container build commences (in consultation with the manufacturer)

  • Known cost of equipment for a known period, with known options thereafter

  • Access to technical knowledge and documentation

Through this means, as an operator/user or leasing company, you are able to acquire tanks on terms that suit your specific needs, without unnecessary reliance on established bank financing facilities for acquisition of assets, freeing up these cash resources for operating purposes.

Furthermore, this enables you to conform to an essential business principle that long-term assets are matched with long-term liabilities, and not short-term liabilities.

We know, from firsthand knowledge of the market, that neglect of this has been the demise of many an otherwise sound business

In summary, this opportunity available through Premier Tank Solutions secures you the following advantages:

  • You are freed of financial restrictions in growth of tank fleet, enabling you to capitalise on organic volume growth and expansion of your customer base.

  • You eliminate the associated operating costs of leased equipment, with its uncontrollable operating rentals and expensive off-hire charges, with ownership never being possible except at unrealistic prices.

    Instead, you merely have an affordable pre-determined monthly cash outflow over an acceptable period of years and, at the conclusion, ownership of asset passes to you at an affordable purchase price already agreed to at signing of the lease agreement.

  • This acquisition of equipment is made possible through funding from its investors at market-related rates, but is dependent on Premier Tank Solutions conducting a thorough due diligence study as well as securing acceptable credit risk cover.

If you have an interest in acquiring tank containers through this means, please contact us.

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