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The Rand - and How You can Benefit from its Strength

Isn't it amazing that every Tom, Dick and Harry was wanting to invest offshore in 2001 and 2008 when the Rand was over R11.50 (when we shouldn't have), but now that the Rand is back at strong levels again, everyone is nervous to do so.

Why? Because of uncertainty! The questions still abound:

Is the Rand presently undervalued or overvalued?

Is it still a depreciating currency, or is it inherently changed to a stable currency? or an appreciating one??

Who do you believe? Does anyone really know??

Uncertainty – the biggest single reason for indecision. And there is so much of it around. How do you make decisions in such an environment?

With knowledge. Knowledge empowers you, to make better, informed decisions.

But, there are so many 'experts' saying so many different things ... where does the truth lie? Where are we heading? Does anyone really know?

If this is how you feel, you are not alone...

We well understand your concern, for during the years following the Rand's peak in Nov/Dec 2001, we tried to understand the realistic level for the Rand from traditional financial sources, which were supposedly based on sound economic and scientific principles, but we did not get answers that withstood common-sense scrutiny.

Finally, we decided the only solution was to initiate an in-depth study, researching the value of the Rand from various scenarios using basic fundamentals. The results of this study were truly astounding.

And we want you to have the benefit of our extensive and in-depth study into the Rand, and have therefore issued some pertinent points resulting from this study in comprehensive and updated report, now entitled:

Rand Exposé - the Fundamental Truth

and you can now get a copy of this FREE, so that you can make your own informed decisions:

  • Find out why the Rand has been grossly overvalued, based on common-sense fundamentals (not this economist pie-in-the-sky stuff)
  • See for yourself why NOW is the right time to be converting your hard-earned Rand wealth to hard currency, before the Rand weakens to realistic levels again

This Report - first issued in June 2004 and updated and expanded several times since - has been available to clients of this site, who were able to download a copy FREE of charge. However, the wheels of progress have moved forward since that study was completed.

Interestingly, but not unexpectedly, this unearthed the opportunity of launching a rather unique service to provide real value to all those involved in Rand currency dealings. The service is provided by Dynamic Outcomes (a company within the Group), and gives well-researched, meaningful information by way of daily, weekly and quarterly reports.

We highly recommend you take a look at this site. Registration is simple, and this gives you free access to the above mentioned report, Rand Exposé - the Fundamental Truth, as well as a monthly newsletter "The Rand - and Sense" which is filled with nuggets of information around the Rand and financial markets in general. And then the real winner - a Rand Forecast service, which has clocked up an amazing forecasting accuracy since October 2005 for short, medium and long term price predictions.

This information has made the world of difference to our ability to understand the Rand better and take advantage of its fluctuations.

Do yourself a favour and visit to get your free copy of the monthly and quarterly issues - and then, to be really informed on where the Rand is heading, make a small monthly investment and subscribe to the Rand Forecast service.

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